Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where it stands

Neither of us has updated this in many a moon, so here is a quick one.

Site - secured

Dresses for the party - secured
Kilts - need to knock this task out after Steve gets to feeling better and I do, as well

Baker - secured
Caterer - working on it
Chemist - working on it

Florist for head table - secured
Decorations for the hall - yeah, we're going to need to come in on Saturday to work on that

DJ - In talks with a local company that seems really nice
Photographer - Still sourcing

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Engagement Party

The Engagement Party, where to start?

First, I was against it. I wanted nothing to do with yet another party to celebrate another party later in time. It reminded me of having meetings to prepare to have meetings. It also meant that I would be out of pocket monies for food and such. It took Patti awhile to convince me we should have the party. She explained that she wanted a chance to meet some of my close friends that maybe she had yet to meet. It would also give our direct families a chance to meet and talk. 

Second, I was against it. Bad idea. Terrible idea. Nothing good will come of this.

Third, I was still against it.

(For those of you playing the home game, this is indicative of a normal pattern of thoughts for me.)

So, I agree to it. We search around and decide that we want to use the gazebo portion of O'Brian Park in South Bend. Patti goes down, reserves the park, and that's taken care of.

This is the part where I ignore the topic for a couple of weeks and it annoys her. Seriously, I did. I also had not made up my mind who I wanted in kilts with me. I think that bothered her more.

Eventually, we pick up some invites that I'm told are cute. We hunt down addresses for everyone we want to invite.  That took a few days, but we did it.

We developed a question for the parks department and Patti said she would call them. When she called, they said they needed to talk to her to and when would she be in. It turned out, the South Bend Parks Department had double booked the park for that weekend and that we were the second party. How does that happen you ask? The parks department computer goes down and they don't use a printed out back up copy to make sure everything is good. Instead, they wait a few weeks after putting it all in to check it for mistakes and then they call you...or they wait for you to contact them and they say, "Oh, shit, we double booked this space. We have to boot somebody. We've got her on the phone, let's just tell her. It'll be easier this way."

At this point, she's pretty upset and calling me at work in the morning. I know something is wrong when she calls me at work in the morning. We talk through it and agree to go on the hunt as soon as we can. 

Scouring the area and friends' brains, we come across a park in Mishawaka that would be good to use. Patti calls up the Mishawaka parks department to check on the availability. Funny enough, she wasn't the only person to call the Mishawaka parks department due to "double booking." The park was available, but not what we needed...cover from the sun and a grill or two. Back to the scouring pad.

We found another park off of Grape Road and Patti was back on the phone. Yes, it was available and had what we needed. The catch? You have to be a Mishawaka resident to reserve a Mishawaka park. We know plenty of Mishawaka residents and line up two of them to help us out of the jam. Good people, them.

Now to head off the other problem...some of the invites were already sent out to folks with the original address for the party. That's okay, I can print post cards and send them out with a note and a map on them. I take care of that and we get to sending out the invites. Along the way, we also decide to invite more people. More people = more fun, right? Right.

We pick up supplies around town, mostly at Gordan's Food Service and my mother's house. The woman had more plates, plastic ware, napkins, and cups than anyone should own. We capitalize upon this to keep our costs down. She was also gracious enough to donate use of 4 coolers to help keep soda and food cool.

The day rolls around. We head over 2 hours early to begin set up. Patti drops me and the supplies off, before speeding off in my car blaring Tom Jones out the window. Seriously. Tom Jones. My car. 

My brother showed up an hour before start and his wife sped off in their car to pick up more stuff. (Thanks, lady!) I don't know what she was listening to, the windows were up.

My brother manned the grill most of the day. Kudos to him and Foster and Krissy for doing so. It allowed Patti and I to mingle a bit. I hate leaving a grill to mingle. Anyone who has been at a party with me knows that I'm in the kitchen or by the grill most of the time. I hate parties and not having anything to do. You get stuck talking to the crazy uncle that you really don't know and listening to stories about how he lost his hearing during "Korea." 

I think the party went well. Many friends were there and more family showed up than expected. Those that couldn't show up were missed, but you can't make every party every time. No worries. Besides, it meant more awesome food for the rest of us. To those that are reading this and were there, BIG THANK YOU! We really appreciate you taking time out of your day to spend with us, a warm day outside at that. 

At this point, I should point out that I've already asked the two people I wanted in my wedding party and not told people. I asked my brother how he felt about putting on a kilt, again. He said it wasn't a problem. You see, we wore them for his wedding. We're of Scottish decent. No official tartan, mind you, but Scots none the less. At that, I asked him to be my best man and he agreed. He decided to brag to his wife about it. It was somewhat comical to witness. I ran my idea of groomsman by him and he agreed it was a good choice.

This guy and I have spent much time together as of late and have many similar interests...fiction, gaming, some music, movies, love of Hawaiian shirts, etc. I waited throughout the entire party to ask this guy to my groomsman. I wanted to do in an one on one situation. He was never alone and even when I tried to cut him off the herd, I couldn't. Finally, near the end of the party, his wife was off talking to Patti and another friend. BAM! I swung into action like a younger, over weight, Mayor West. I asked him the same question, "How do you feel about wearing a kilt?" He warmed to the idea, even though his Hungarian heritage was confused by the idea of men in kilts. Don't worry, Steve, it's easy. You may even find you like it.

For those that gave us presents and gift cards, another BIG THANK YOU! They are much appreciated. Don't worry, thank you cards will go out one of these days. I think they're buried somewhere here on the kitchen table...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Engagement Photos

Here are some of our engagement photos. They were taken by Nicole Thorson. The engagement party was this weekend. I'll post the good and bad from that later.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The planning of the wedding........

So, today is my first attempt at blogging. I am not sure how well I will be at this so please bear with me in this journey. I thought I would start out with the general info about our wedding.

Bride: Patti
Groom: Derek
Date: September 29, 2012
Location: On the beach or bluff in St. Joe, MI

About Derek:

Well, what to say without sounding all mushy and gushy...... I can't think of anything that does not sound that way so I will state that he is the "Love of my life." I am so thankful that he showed up to the party I was at that night with friends. He has supported me in many of the life changing events that have happened since meeting him. I lost my job and moved back to the Bend. He has given his full support in me going back to school and I am very thankful for that. He is a wonderful person to my dogs, even when Charlie pees on his gaming material.

My attendents Kim and Nicole

I have my attendants chosen. There are only two of them. Kim will be my Matron of Honor (otherwise known as MOH) and Nicole will be my Bridesmaid (otherwise known as Zombie Bunny). I was pretty excited to ask each one of them. Kim and I are very close friends and someone that I love very much. She has been by side in the ups and downs of my life. Nicole was a friend of Derek's but is now our friend and I thought it a great idea to mix old and new friends for our wedding. These two women have been my sounding board and I am thankful to have them in my life. 

General info about reception location

We are still on the hunt for a place to have our reception. We have looked at a couple of locations and have not really decided on one thing or another. Having to work on a smallish budget is what is hard for planning. We have written out our guest list and have about 175 people we are inviting (maybe). I have started an Excel spreadsheet at home trying to figure out the total cost of the food and drink alone. All I can say is wow! I never imagined that it would be so expensive. I am planning to go up to St. Joe to see what kind of reception halls they have and also call a few catering companies and see what they would charge. I will keep updating this and when I have narrowed down our choices I will post them.

General info on wedding invitations

I have thought about saving ourselves some money and making the invitations at home. This weekend I am actually going to go and look at paper for the invitations. I thought about checking out Office Max, the paper store right beside it and of course FedEx Kinkos. I would like to have an eco-friendly invitation. So if any ideas please let us know.

Right know that is about the extent of the planning. I will keep updating on when we have decided on some of the big things. Like reception and food choices. I might end up taking a poll to see what some of our friends think.

I almost forgot. We have decided on throwing an engagement party for Derek's friends. It will be this summer; date has yet to be decided. Also I asked Nicole to take our engagement photos, so as soon as the weather is warm we will have them taken.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Introduction of Sorts

tha gaol agam ort

It's not hard to say. Say it with me, "Hah GEUL AH-kum orsht." See, I told you it wasn't hard. Remember to say it without putting spaces between the words like you normally would in English. Think of it as one big long word.

This blog is Patti's, but I will be contributing to it. I imagine it will mostly be from the logistics standpoint...add this feature, change this layout, add this widget or that gadget. No worries.

However, until she gives her proper introductions, this blog will be for posts concerning our upcoming, rowdy, BBQ eating, microbrew drinking, zombie killing, wedding. At least one of those is correct.

The phrase is Scots Gaelic and if you ken Gaelic, you know that the pronunciation is only from one region of the country and another is likely to pronouce it differently.

tha gaol agam ort-fhein